Ultimate Guide To The Best Beach Umbrella Australia

Ultimate Guide To The Best Beach Umbrella Australia 2021

Whether for the sun, sand, or sea, people have enjoyed going to the beach for ages. That’s because there is something to do for everyone. There are places to lounge, places to do sports, and not to mention its healing and therapeutic properties.

Australia is no stranger to the popularity and advantages of going to the beach, and Aussies take full advantage of that, after all, Australia is pretty much a huge island. People can spend hours to an entire day at the beach, and that is why you must know how to keep yourself safe.

Aside from the potential risks of the water, the sun is a crucial factor to consider when planning a trip to the beach. It may seem insignificant since you are exposed to the sun daily, but prolonged exposure could lead to dehydration, sunburn, and even heat stroke.

What better way to ensure acceptable exposure times than bringing your own shade? They say ‘Don’t bring sand to the beach’, but I’m sure no one ever had a problem taking along their umbrellas. Even today, umbrellas are still one of the best and most popular ways today to protect against the sun, especially when at the beach.

Your selection of beach umbrella is not only a reflection of your preparedness but also your style and environmental awareness. Nowadays, there is no shortage of options when purchasing and it can quickly become a tedious task.

When you know what you are looking for, it can be easily found. Let us guide your selection of beach umbrellas by providing useful information from the best beach umbrella reviews to the types and features of the best beach umbrella Australia has to offer. 

Ultimate Guide To The Best Beach Umbrella Australia

Types of Beach Umbrellas and Key Features

It’s always a good idea to bring along things that can help you deal with the extreme heat and sunlight when at the beach like beach hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and beach umbrellas. Depending on your mode of transport, one or multiple of these items may be more advantageous.

One item that has never failed in the fight against extreme heat and sunlight, is the umbrella. And now, with so many brands and kinds of beach umbrellas to choose from, selecting the beach umbrella best to match your needs may seem challenging. Nevertheless, the difference between a large beach umbrella and a beach shelter could be the deciding factor when considering to buy beach umbrellas.

Some of the best beach umbrellas are portable beach umbrellas. They offer the best beach shade without having to sacrifice portability. Also, because they can be repositioned with the sun, they are a favoured choice for beachgoers and are often considered to be the best kind of beach umbrella in Australia.

The best umbrellas Australia has to offer are not only portable but stable and secure. There are quite a few options for securing your beach umbrella as well; like a beach umbrella anchor (a metal beach umbrella anchor provides even more stability), beach umbrella sand screw, or umbrella stand.   

The Best Beach Umbrella Australia - Travel Tips

At beaches prone to gusts and strong winds, a beach shelter would save you lots of time chasing down stray umbrellas due to moderate winds. Many of the best beach shelters in Australia are ventilated to allow wind to pass through, made of flexible material to resist gusts of wind, and provides large areas of shade.

If the best beach shade Australia can offer isn’t enough, there are even more specialized ways of protection like sunscreen and UV umbrellas. Some brands of UV umbrellas in Australia can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays, while others offer a more authentic look and feel like a boho beach umbrella.  

Travel umbrellas in Australia are often used, in a pinch, as substitutes when at the beach, but nothing beats the comfort of a well placed big beach umbrella. You would have better luck with a small beach umbrella if mobility is the most important factor to you. On the flip side, if mobility is not an issue, then the bigger the better. If that’s the case then a large beach umbrella, heavy duty beach umbrella, or even a beach umbrella tent, would all be great options.

No matter how you choose to protect yourself, make sure you take enough time to consider your options and budget for purchasing your perfect beach umbrella.

Best Beach Umbrella Australia  - Adventure Awaits
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Best Beach Umbrella Australia Comparison Table

Product NameKey FeaturesCost
MIRAGE BT03 GRN2M Beach Umbrella Green 2.0MPortable, sleek and lightweightCheck price!
AMMSUN 2m Beach Umbrella


Efficient UV-protection, adjustable and stylishCheck price!
KITADIN 6.5FT Beach Umbrella Portable Outdoor Patio Sun ShelterRobust, durable and portableCheck price!
Tommy Bahama Beach UmbrellaStable, economic and quick setupCheck price!
AMMSUN 2.3M Portable Beach UmbrellaEffective, strong and portableCheck price!
AMMSUN 2m Sand Anchor Beach UmbrellaWide, balanced and efficient UV protectionCheck price!
OZoola Beach Sunshade Tent with SandbagsFlexible, resistant and lightweightCheck price!
Beach Chair with UmbrellaFoldable, versatile and easy to transportCheck price!

Best Beach Umbrella Australia Reviews

MIRAGE BT03 GRN2M Beach Umbrella Green 2.0M

Best beach umbrella Australia - Mirage beach umbrella

Classic design with great portability. Sometimes simpler is better.

Click here to check the price now!

AMMSUN 2m Beach Umbrella

Best Beach Umbrella Australia - AMMSUN

It’s stable, effective and adjustable features make for comfortable beach lounging. 

Click here to check the price now!

KITADIN 6.5FT Beach Umbrella Portable Outdoor Patio Sun Shelter

Best Beach Umbrella Australia - KITADIN portable outdoor patio

The sturdy make of the frame is complemented by its high portability and ease of use.

Click here to check the price now!

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

Best Beach Umbrella Australia - Tommy Bahama

 Perfect for impromptu outings and easily carried. 

Click here to check the price now!

AMMSUN 2.3M Portable Outdoor Picnic Beach Umbrella

Best Beach Umbrella Australia - Portable Outdoor Picnic Umbrella

 Easy to set up and use. Its design is great for carrying on the go.

Click here to check the price now!

AMMSUN 2m Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

Best Beach Umbrella Australia - Sand anchor beach umbrella

Incredibly stable in the sand, it has various adjustable features that allow for great positioning and shading.

Click here to check the price now!

OZoola Beach Sunshade Tent with Sandbags

Best Beach Umbrella Australia - beach sunshade tent

An excellent mix of quality and ingenuity. The Ozoola is designed to be not only in the sun but resistant against the elements. 

Click here to check the price now!

Beach Chair with Umbrella

Best Beach Umbrella Australia - beach chair

A combination that just makes sense. Quality material and adjustable positions make this a great value product. 

Click here to check the price now!

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