Ultimate Guide To The Best Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

If you’re in Australia, you never know when you might need a headtorch. Head torches are handy if you love to go hiking, camping, or mountaineering. Australia has some of the best hiking trails in the world – and if you’re hiking in the evening – it’s beneficial to have a head torch. Is there anything worse than being lost in the pitch-black?

Another great benefit of a head torch is for running. Because a head torch is perfect for runners who run at night time, let’s face it; you can’t run with a standard torch! We also know that Australia is fantastic for camping! And If you’re camping in the bush during the night, why not bring your head torch along?

It’s essential to have a rechargeable head torch; you’ll never have to worry about a lightbulb dying. You can always charge it up, no matter how remote you are and how unfavourable conditions might be. You might even just find yourself with a power outage at home and in that case you’ll need kids head torches as well!

There are so many reasons for buying a head torch. In this article, we will look at the best rechargeable head torch Australia. The article will explain these head torches’ essential features, the benefits, and why you should use them. 

Best Rechargeable Head Torch Australia Comparison Table

Product Name Key Features Cost
Fenix HM65R-T
  • Dual switch – floodlight and spotlight
  • Over-heat protection
  • Magnesium alloy, robust
  • Compact, light weight
  • 1500 lumens
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Fenix HM61R
  • White and red light function
  • Dual function – handheld and headtorch
  • Magnetic recharge
  • Overheat protection
  • Waterproof to 2m
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Black Diamond LED Lightweight 
  • 400 lumens
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile design
  • Advanced focus system
  • 35-hour battery life
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  • 220 lumens
  • A flood beam
  • Red light for night vision
  • Multiple light settings
  • Lightweight (82g)
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LED Lenser SEO 7R Rechargeable Clam Pack Headlamp
  • Smart light technology
  • Advanced focus system
  • 220 lumens
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lightweight (93g)
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Petzl NAO Reactive
  • Multi-beam lighting
  • Stable straps
  • Constant lighting technology
  • 700 lumens
  • Reactive lighting technology
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OZtrail Halo Headlamp 300L
  • 300 lumens
  • Easy to use
  • Damage resistant design
  • Floodlighting beam
  • The battery life of up to 34 hours
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MH7 Ledlenser
  • 600 lumens
  • Advanced focus system
  • 7-year warranty
  • Lightweight and adjustable straps
  • Energy-saving mode for long battery life
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Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp
  • 300 lumens
  • Water-resistant for 30 minutes
  • Lightweight design
  • Dimming strobe
  • Red night-vision
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Gyvazla LED
  • 300 lumens
  • Lightweight (70g)
  • Adjustable straps
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life
  • 60-degree tiltable body
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  • IPX4 waterproof grade
  • Lightweight (80g)
  • Adjustable straps
  • 5 different light modes
  • Versatile design
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Fenix HM65R
  • Up to 1400 lumens
  • 2-meter drop-resistant 
  • Waterproof for up to 2 meters
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Adjustable straps
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COLEMAN HT15 Headlamp
  • Lifetime LED Lights
  • Adjustable straps
  • Seven lighting modes
  • Water-resistant
  • Pivoting head to aim the light where you want it
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Petzl Head Torch Actik
  • Multiple beam options
  • Up to 350 lumens
  • Red lighting for night time
  • 160 hours burn time 
  • Adjustable straps
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Key Features Of Rechargeable Head Torches

If you’re looking to buy a head torch, there are numerous key features that you need to take into account. 

Powerful battery life

One of the essential elements is efficient battery life. Having a rechargeable head torch with long battery life is extremely handy if you’re heading into remote areas with low light levels – you don’t want to worry about recharging the battery when you’re in the middle of climbing a mountain during the night. 

Furthermore, you choose the battery type carefully. Some head torches come with USB charging which is fantastic if you have a power bank. 

LED lighting

And it would help if you also had a bright head torch. When you’re running, hiking, or camping in the dark – a head torch with a high number of lumens is essential. An LED head torch is perfect for dark conditions due to the brightness.

Functional weight

The weight of the head torch is a critical feature to consider. Do you want a head torch that is heavy and difficult to move with, or do you want a lightweight, comfortable head torch that you can carry through all manner of different terrains?

Some of the best head torches have weight distribution and stability – you might even forget you have one because they’re so comfortable. 

Adaptable lighting

The beam distance is an essential feature to consider when choosing an LED head torch. Some LED torches offer long-distance lighting, which is excellent for those who like to go running through dark trails. 

You also want a head torch with a broad scope of light, and some LED head torches are great for narrow light. So you can tailor the head torch to your specific needs!  


And let’s be honest, if you’re taking your head torch camping, running, or hiking, there is a very good chance of damaging it. But some LED head torches are highly durable. You don’t want a head torch that’s going to break if you drop it. 

Many companies produce their head torches to be durable, sustainable, and excellent for those adventurous souls. The best camping torch is one that is durable. 

Reactive lighting

Depending on the activity that you choose to do, you will need lighting that can tailor to that. Some head torches have reactive lighting, whereby the lighting will change during the activity. 

For example, if it’s getting darker outside, your torchlight will increase automatically. And if the visibility is increasing, the head torch light will decrease. The benefit of this is never having to change the light settings during an activity, it’s fantastic convenience and makes it a top-class head torch for trail running

Comfortable straps

It’s essential that your head torch has comfortable and adjustable straps. If you have a heavier head torch, you want comfortable straps that will help balance the weight of the head torch. 

It’s a huge benefit to have padded straps because it will prevent the head torch from digging into your head, thus providing much-needed comfort. 

And you want straps that are firm, which means the torch won’t fall off your head during your run or hike. 

Best Rechargeable Head Torch Reviews


best rechargeable headtorch Australia

If you’re looking for an outstanding, reliable and versatile rechargeable headtorch, then the Fenix HM65R-T high performance trail running headlamp is the way to go. It weighs just 141g (including the battery), its compact magnesium alloy torch offers excellent output and long battery life.

While set on High Spotlight, the headtorch will run for around 4 hours with output reaching 170 metres; or on Low Spotlight, the headlamp will run for approximately 24 hours reaching 55 meters. With an easy switch to the Floodlight setting, the Fenix headtorch will run for 12 hours reaching 54 metres on High; and, a huge 300 hours at a reach of 6 meters on Low.

The Fenix HM65R-T is an easy torch to use, comfortable to wear and operates with a fast recharge. The dual switch (Spotlight and Floodlight) on the top of the headlamp and easy swap between high-medium-low, makes it a great torch for those on the move. An excellent choice for trail runners and hiking with the great reach and spread of light. Back at the campsite, you’ll be the envy of all your camp-mates.

The headband is easy to adjust and fits firmly on the head. It offers a good range in size, suitable for adults and kids alike. A great safety feature of this headtorch is the ‘overheat protection’. When the lamp reaches 65 degrees or above, it will automatically drop in lumens to reduce the temperature, this makes it a great quality option for kids. The normal recharging time for the Li-ion battery is about 3 hours.

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Fenix HM61R

Fenix rechargeable headtorch - Fenix HM61R

If you’re looking for a headtorch that can also double as a handheld torch, then don’t look past the Fenix HM61R. This multifunctional rechargeable headlamp has great light output (1200 lumens) and a huge 145 metres maximum beam distance.

The on/off button is easy to operate and located on the light end of the torch, great for quick access when mid-adventure. With red and white light settings, it is versatile in its functionality. The battery has a 2 to 400 hour run time, dependent on the setting you are using. The battery level indicator is a helpful function for those of you who need that visual reminder to put your torch on charge. The magnetic battery recharge takes approximately 4 hours and fortunately the torch can be used while charging, however, this does prolong the charging process. The overheat protection is another great feature of this headtorch, making it safe for the whole family.

The torch itself clips into the headband on the headlamp mount securely with an additional strap that clips over the top for added security. When using the torch off the headband, it is lightweight, compact and comfortable to hold. Another great feature is the flat base so the torch can stand on a table top or flat surface, making it an excellent addition to everyone’s travel kit. It also has a clip on the side so you can wear your torch allowing you to have free hands.

The torch is robust and durable made from quality aluminium and PC. It has impact resistance of 2 metres and is waterproof up to 2 metres underwater.

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The Black Diamond head torch is a fantastic option for those who need a lightweight and versatile head torch. Black Diamond designed this head torch with excellent adjustable straps, versatile and fantastic for anyone adventurous. 

The head torch also includes an advanced focus system, which provides a seamless and transparent focus on objects. You can focus on things that are near or far away. 

The black diamond head torch has a powerful brightness that goes up to 400 lumens, ideal for dark conditions and those adventurous souls that want to need light for safety in dark conditions. 

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PETZL TIKKA HEAD TORCH - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

The Petzl Tikka head torch is a fantastic option with a 300-lumen flood beam. A flood beam with that type of power is excellent for anyone looking to do outdoor activities like running in the dark.

And the head torch includes a red light that enables night vision. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing your group members, which gives you a sense of confidence. 

Better still, the head torch has multiple lighting levels, which include settings for proximity, movement, and brightness. You can change lighting depending on your activity. 

In summary, if you want a versatile, durable, and comfortable head torch with an array of features that are perfect for any adventurous soul – this one is hard to beat.

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LED Lenser SEO 7R Rechargeable Clam Pack Headlamp

LEDLENSER SEO 7R Rechargeable Clam Pack Headlamp - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

The LED Lenser SEO 7R Rechargeable Clam Pack Headlamp is a solid all-rounder at a great price. 

With a total of 220 lumens, the torch is just fantastic for anyone who requires bright light. Furthermore, the red light for night vision is excellent for safety if you’re doing outdoor activities at night with fellow group members. The head torch offers an advanced focus system that is great for focusing on close or far away things. And better still, with the lightweight of 93 grams, you can easily take this on an adventure with you and barely worry about carrying it. 

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Petzl NAO Reactive Headlamp - 700 Lumens - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

The Petzl Head Torch NAO reactive is a superb option if you’re looking for an all-rounder at an affordable cost. With a total of 700 lumens, this is an exceptionally bright torch that will provide phenomenal light during dark conditions.  Another impressive aspect of this head torch is the superb constant lighting technology, enabling the torch to stay on for a very long time. This is a superb head Running head torch due to the strong lighting and the lighting options. And the head torch offers reactive lighting technology, making the light automatically adapt to your surroundings. You’ll never have to worry about changing settings – it will do it all for you. 

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The OZtrail Halo Headlamp 300L is a wonderful option for those who need a straightforward head torch that does the job. A great benefit of this head torch is the 300 lumens; it means you will never have to worry about the torch’s power at night. The beam time of this head torch is superb, with a battery life of up to 34 hours – it’s going to work for a long time, and you won’t need to worry about continually charging. And OZtrail specifically designed the head torch to stand the test of time, with an excellent damage-resistant design.

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MH7 LED LENSER HEAD TORCH - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

The MH7 Led Lenser head torch is a beautiful all-around torch at a reasonable price with excellent features. It has an epic energy-saving mode for those who need to go a long time without charging. The fact that this torch can go up to 600 lumens is fantastic, which makes it one of the brightest torches on the whole page and an epic choice for a night time adventure enthusiast. And if you want a functional head torch, the lightweight and adjustable straps make it just that. The head torch is so easy to use, you might forget it’s even with you.

Finally, the advanced focus system and can focus on closer objects and distant objects is a fantastic benefit, and it showcases the versatility of the head torch. 

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Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

This Black Diamond head torch is an excellent choice because it has up to 300 lumens of brightness, more than enough to give you fantastic lighting during dark conditions. A considerable benefit of this head torch is the water-resistant design, meaning you can take the head torch in the water and not have to worry about breaking it. It also offers a versatile and lightweight design, which means you can take it anywhere. It’s perfect if you like to go camping. And the red-night vision means you’ll never have to worry about losing your pals when you are running, hiking, or camping in the bush at night. 

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Gyvazla LED

Gyvazla LED - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

The Gyvazla LED head torch is an excellent option if you want a head torch with great versatility. It offers five different lighting modes: low bright, ultra-bright, strobe bright, ultra red bright, and strobe red bright. And the torch is excellent for those who want a simple and easy torch; it’s lightweight and only 70 grams and has adjustable straps. The battery life on this head torch is perfect and can last up to 30 hours on a constant light charge; that’s great if you need to go into the wilderness for extended periods. It is one of the best rechargeable torch options. Finally, the 160-lumen beam will be enough for many users. It will enable you to use the head torch during dark conditions without worrying about visibility. 

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TECHVIDA LED Head Torch Headlight - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

Do you love to adventure? If so, this waterproof head torch is an outstanding option for you. With an IPX4 waterproof grade – you don’t have to worry about the rain. That makes it one of the best rechargeable torch options on our list. And it has multiple lamp beads, including three white light modes, and 2 red light modes for SOS and safety. The battery life is good and can last up to 20 hours, but with the possibility of recharging the battery, you’ll always have enough charge. The designers built the headband for maximum comfort. If you’re running or hiking, you want an adjustable headband that’s easy to use, and this ticks the box.

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Fenix HM65R

Fenix HM65R

Out of all the head torches on this list, this head torch can go up to 1400 lumens, which is a fantastic benefit. Not every head torch has this incredible level of brightness, in fact, this is the brightest head torch on our list. And you’ll never have to worry about dropping the head torch because it has a robust 2m drop resistant design. Because of the durability, this is the best trail running head torchThe headlamp is perfect for all conditions, and the designers built the lamp for the harshest of environments in the world. You’ll never have to worry about the rain or sleet because this head torch is waterproof and can withstand the worst rain possible. 

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COLEMAN HT15 Headlamp

COLEMAN HT15 Headlamp - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

The Coleman HT15 Headlamp is an excellent choice because it has an exceptional water-resistant design that can withstand the worst thunderstorms. With up to 150 lumens, this head torch offers enough brightness to handle the world’s harshest dark environments. If you decide to run the light on a low beam, the battery can last for up to 27 hours – that is excellent for anyone taking it on an adventure. And it makes it a great LED head torch option. It has lifetime LED lights that you will never need to replace. Is there anything more annoying than having to buy new bulbs continually? That’s not an issue with this LED head torch.

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PETZL HEAD TORCH ACTIK - Rechargeable Head Torch Australia

The Petzl Head Torch is a fantastic option if you want versatile lighting options because it has multiple-beam options that are fantastic for anyone who needs to change the lighting to tailor to their surroundings. With up to 160 hours of burn time, you will never have to worry about running out of battery for a long time. How excellent is that for those adventure lovers? Because of the extensive burn time, this is the best camping torch.

The red lighting options for night time are an excellent addition because it ensures you’ll never lose your group members, ideal for safety! The 350 lumens will provide you with enough light for very harsh conditions. Feel free to take this running, camping, or climbing in the dark – it will help you through all three.

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