Ultimate Guide To The Best Snorkeling Gear Australia 2022

Best snorkeling gear Australia

Our oceans are what Australia is known for. Whether it be surfing, fishing, swimming, kayaking or snorkeling there’s something for everyone. The beauty is you don’t need to leave your backyard to discover a whole new world, you just need a snorkel set.

Explore the magic that the underwater world of the ocean holds. Better yet, gear up with your full face snorkel mask and pack the kids’ snorkel sets because this is an experience you’re going to want to share with the whole family.

There is so much to see when snorkeling you want to make sure you have the best snorkeling gear Australia has on offer. With the proper equipment you will be leak-free, have great visibility, comfortable breathing and the perfect fins to keep you swimming all day long.

This article will help teach you about different types of snorkel masks, sets and accessories, as well as, highlight what is most important when buying new snorkel gear. So take a read, check out the product review section at the bottom, and then get to snorkelling.

Key Features Of The Best Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling Basics

Snorkeling is the activity of swimming along the water’s surface with the use of eye protection, a breathing tube and usually, fins. You can even do shallow dives once you understand the correct breathing practice to do so.

Before setting off on your first snorkel session, you want to make sure you have the knowledge, physical capability and equipment to do so. While this article can provide information and suggest the best snorkelling gear, it is up to you to decide what conditions you are physically able to safely snorkel.

A well prepared snorkeler will have a snorkel mask, a breathing tube and fins.

What To Look For In A Snorkel Mask

Snorkel masks come in a variety of coverages. There are ones that just cover your eyes and nose, and others that are full face masks. The tube can either be connected to the mask or a separate apparatus.

The best snorkel masks are the full face masks, like those Ninja Shark offers. With full face coverage, you have an undistorted and uninterrupted view through the shield. You will be able to take in more sea life, without needing to move your head.

A full face snorkel mask also allows for more comfortable breathing, largely because your teeth aren’t clenched around a tube. Since the breathing tube is connected to the face mask, you can breathe, smile and laugh, as normal. This is super handy, especially when it comes to kids snorkel sets.

Look for adjustable straps and size guides. You want to make sure you can get the perfect fit to keep your mask water-free.

Finally, check the breathing level. Some snorkel mask designs are made for more experienced snorkelers. Those with side exhalation tend to take some practice to get the hang of it. Multiple exhalation routes and proper air circulation are key to easy breathing.

Accessories For The Best Snorkeling Experience


You won’t get very far, or travel quickly without fins. Look out for the snorkel sets below, where you can buy masks and fins together. With the right fit and design, a fin can reduce the strain on your muscles, so you can snorkel longer and become one with the fish.

Action Camera

The ocean is no place for phones, but understandably, you’d love to capture some of the amazing ocean life you see while snorkelling. For those avid snorkelers, I would suggest investing in an underwater camera. Record and share your discoveries with others. Most quality snorkels come with the ability to attach an action camera.

Anti-Fog Spray

best snorkeling gear Australia

This is the simplest thing you can do to save yourself a lot of headache. No one wants to be doggy paddling in the middle of the ocean trying to de-fog their mask. Or have to return to shore with a frustrated child because they couldn’t see out of their mask. A quick spritz and wipe is all you need to see each little fish clearly.


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Best Snorkeling Gear Australia Reviews

There is so much to explore in our oceans and the snorkel gear you use can make or break your experience. Luckily, Ninja Shark has plenty of amazing snorkels and snorkeling products to ensure you have the best experience. Check out their products below and find exactly what you need for your next holiday.

Full Face Snorkel Masks Australia

Equaliser PRO Full Face Snorkel Mask for Adults

This full face mask is complete with amazing features for both the amateur and experienced users. The tube folds down for easy packing, and since it doesn’t fully detach, you don’t have to worry about losing a piece.

You’ll find the perfect fit easily with the flexible nose, elastic straps, and two size options. A bonus feature is the “pinch to equalise” nose for added comfort. New to snorkelling? Breathe easy with the two exhaling channels that suit beginners and experts alike.

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Air Adults – Full Face Snorkel Mask for Adults

Air Adults - Full Face Snorkel Mask for Adults

A great adult snorkel option for those who are more budget conscientious or experienced. This full face snorkel is a more basic model, however you are far from roughin’ it. You still get the essential features and quality you’d expect from Ninja Shark with the flat, anti-fogging lens, multiple sizes and camera attachment.

The two exhaling sides are what make this model for the more experienced snorkelers. It takes a bit of breathing practice to get used to the air flow and bubbles. However, with the risk-free 90 day trial there’s no reason not to give it a go.

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Longer Tube Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids (3-11 Years)

Longer Tube Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids (3-11 Years)

Finally, a kids snorkel that saves your kids, and yourself from frustration. This beginner level full face mask has a flat lens, allowing undistorted view of the marine life below. It also has a longer, wider tube for comfortable breathing and less accidental water in the tube.

The tube is foldable so you can transport it easily and don’t have to stress about anything breaking. Enjoy more time snorkelling Australia, and less time emptying water from your kids’ masks. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is keeping up with them.

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Air Kids – Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids

A snorkel mask made for the little adventurer in your family. Designed for ages 5-11 and equipped with adjustable, elastics straps to get the perfect fit. Still concerned about sizing? There is a 90 day risk-free trial period.

This kids mask is for the more experienced snorkelers. There are two exhaling channels on the side of the mask. This requires a harder breathing strength that comes with practice. A feature of the side exhalation are bubbles, which makes snorkel all the more fun for most kids.

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Adult Snorkel Sets

Package: Equaliser PRO Mask + Fins + Bag + *FREE* Swim Goggles

Package: Equaliser PRO Mask + Fins + Bag

Get everything you need for your next Australian holiday with this adult snorkel set. Become a snorkel pro with the beginner friendly Equaliser PRO Mask. Enjoy the extra visibility through the extended lens, anti-fog design and a quick release clip system to effortlessly remove the mask.

The lightweight fins included are built for comfort, keeping you cramp-free all snorkel session. Even if you aren’t an expert in the water, the waterproof bag will make you look like a pro. This heavy duty bag can stand the harshest of climates, so bring it along on your next adventure and keep your gear safe.

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Package: Air Adults Mask + Fins + Bag + *FREE* Swim Goggles

Best Snorkeling Gear Australia

This snorkel package is the perfect lightweight set to take on your next trip. Both the snorkel mask and fins were designed to reduce weight. The exhalation technology on the full face mask is less complex to reduce price.

Backpackers rejoice at this fantastic snorkel set that is lightweight and budget friendly. The fun doesn’t stop at the water’s edge, use the waterproof bag for all your activities and keep your possessions dry, and safe during your travels.

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Kids Snorkel Set

Package: Longer Tube Mask + Fins + Bag + *FREE* Swim Goggles for Kids (3-11 Years)

Package: Longer Tube Mask + Fins + Bag (3-11 Years)

Watch your young one explore with this kids full face mask and fins. The longer tube makes breathing easier, and with no bubbles they’ll have perfect visibility. Designed for ages 3-11, the elastic straps can be adjusted to find the perfect fit.

The fins are adjustable and light. While still awkward to walk around in, this helps reduce tripping. There are three colour options for the snorkel mask, fins and bag. You can mix and match to create the set you want.

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Package: Air Kids Mask + Fins + Bag + *FREE* Swim Goggles

Package: Air Kids Mask + Fins + Bag

An all in one snorkel kit for your next Australian family holiday. The exhalation technology on the full face mask is less complex and creates bubbles. While the bubbles are fun, it takes a bit of practice to get used to exhaling through the sides of the mask.

The fins are ergonomically designed and help your little one snorkel without tiring. Share your love of the ocean, or perhaps try something new with your kids. Pack it all up in the heavy duty waterproof bag they’ll be all set with this kids full face mask and fins package.

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Click here for additional Australian snorkel masks and reviews.

Snorkel Set Accessories

Action Camera Explorer 4K Ultra HD

Action Camera Explorer 4K Ultra HD

Capture all of the action with this impressive HD camera. Complete with a waterproof case, you can bring it everywhere. From snorkeling to skiing, multiple attachment options ensures you can record it all.

The electronic image stabilizer and 170 degree wide-angle keeps your footage smooth and captures the whole picture. With a long battery life, you can trust your whole surf session is saved.

You can share your content easily with built-in WIFI and HDMI output. Get out there, explore and share.

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Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Pouch

Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Pouch

As much as you try to keep things safe, life happens and unfortunately phones get ruined. Keep all of your valuables safe and dry with the Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Pouch. It is large enough to fit multiple persons’ belongings and the adjustable strap allows you to wear it in a variety of ways.

The best part is the transparent, touchable screen. This allows you to use your phone without opening the pouch. Find the one that suits you with five different colour options.

It can’t save you from your partner tipping the canoe, but it can save your phone.

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Adults Snorkeling & Diving Fins / Flippers

Snorkelling & Diving Fins / Flippers - Adults

The Goldilocks approved fins; made with materials that are neither too soft nor too hard. Finding the balance that is just right so you get the greatest power and least fatigue out of your fins.

The fins come in two size options. Additionally, the fins have an adjustable heel strap and an elastomeric foot pocket. This keeps your feet comfortable and in position.

You’ll enjoy your next snorkel session so much, you’ll almost forget about your awkward waddle across the shore.

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Kids Snorkeling & Diving Fins / Flippers

Snorkelling & Diving Fins / Flippers - Kids

An absolute must for snorkeling. Without fins kids will tire quickly and find it difficult to propel. These Ninja Shark kids fins can be adjusted to desired size, and can grow with the kids. They are lightweight making it easier to wear.

Kids will love walking along the shore and flapping in the water with their fins. Plus, with four colours to choose from they can add a personal touch.

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Waterproof Dry Bag & Backpack – 10L

Waterproof Dry Bag & Backpack - 10L

This bag is the perfect partner for all of life’s adventures. It is lightweight and durable, making it easy to pack and built to last. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which also lets you get creative and clip the bag onto other items, such as your kayak or backpack.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be of much help if the bag wasn’t completely waterproof, even when submerged. The 10L size is perfect for fitting all your valuables without playing tetris.

This waterproof dry bag is ready to explore, you just need to keep up with it.

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Anti-fog Spray for Goggles – 2 Pack 40ml

Anti-fog Spray for Goggles - 2 Pack 40ml

Get the most out of your next snorkel trip with this anti-fog spray. There’s nothing worse than a blurry lens, and you’d hate to miss out on all the beautiful ocean colours. This anti-fog formula works immediately and lasts for ages.

For those who are still scarred from the dish soap or shampoo trick they tried last time, don’t worry the spray is safe, non toxic and gentle for even the most sensitive of skin.

One spray goes a long way, so one bottle will have you covered for your entire Australian holiday – and then some.

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