How To Get To Falls Creek

How To Get To Falls Creek

How To Get To Falls Creek

Getting to Falls Creek

How to get to Falls Creek

The nearest town, Mt Beauty, sits at the end of a winding road just 30km away and Melbourne is a 391km drive on the highway. Getting to Falls Creek is simple, you just need to consider what kind of transport works for you and how much you want to spend.

In this article, I will be listing how to get to Falls Creek from major Australian cities. I will also cover Falls Creek chain hire, Falls Creek parking and Falls Creek coach service. Unfortunately, Falls Creek airport hasn’t been built yet but we will also look at other nearby airports for flight options.

Falls Creek Victoria

Falls Creek is a star player from the secret snowier side of Australia we rarely hear about. Nestled in the northeastern corner of Victoria, the stunning alpine village is a playground for both adventure seekers and active families. As the state’s largest alpine resort, this mountain hideaway keeps visitors busy through all four seasons with a variety of outdoor attractions coming into the spotlight throughout the year.

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Falls Creek in winter is home to some of the best cross country skiing on the continent, with over 65km of free trails to enjoy across 450 hectares of skiable land. The Falls Creek resort has been praised for its palatable mix of beginner and intermediate runs, which make up around three quarters of their 90+ runs accessible via the 15 lifts. For those with a little more experience, there are plenty of advanced runs to get your teeth into with rails and jumps to scale.

Falls Creek’s other famed activities include tobogganing, mountain biking, snowmobiling and watersports. Falls Creek in summer sees hikers take to the trails around Mt Bogong, passing old farmer huts and gazing through breathtaking valley views. Here are some handy maps to download which will show you the areas for walking and skiing in both summer and winter.

Falls Creek accommodation spoils you for choice with a range of luxury and budget options available including apartments, hotels and ‘ski in ski out’ European style chalets. There are also some fantastic restaurants and bars scattered around the area. Of course, a cold beer and a hot meal with a view is a must after a day of carving up the slopes.

Melbourne To Falls Creek

Melbourne is the closest major city to Falls Creek. If you self drive, it’s just 4½ hours in total and you’ll see some beautiful scenery. The most popular route is to head up the Hume Highway and turn off at Wangaratta. A word to the wise, check the date you’re travelling doesn’t have any legal implications. It is a requirement to carry snow chains with all vehicles during the winter season. Don’t worry if you don’t have any and you’re not familiar with snow chains, we will cover them in more detail later in the article.

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You can also get to transport hubs Wangaratta or Albury by train straight from Melbourne CBD. Most service providers allow ski luggage on board and you can book a private transfer to take you on the last leg of the journey to Falls Creek. If you don’t fancy putting the kilometres on the car, this can be an ideal option.

If you want to reduce overall journey time, there are a number of short flight options to nearby Albury airport from Melbourne Airport.

Sydney to Falls Creek

You can also drive Sydney to Falls Creek in a day. Most travellers make the 672km in around seven hours depending on traffic. As with all self drivers, I urge you to check the time of year to ensure you’re carrying snow chains if required. Similar to the Melbourne drive, you’ll be heading down the Hume Highway and coming off at Albury. Be aware that fuel can be scarce in this remote natural area, so filling up at nearby Mt Beauty is recommended as there is no fuel station in Falls Creek.

Many visitors choose to fly to Falls Creek’s nearest airport Albury. Direct and daily flights from Sydney means you can reduce overall journey time and touch down just 2 hours away from Falls Creek. Transfer options from Albury airport include private hire transfers, coaches and car hire.

Adelaide to Falls Creek

Adelaide is a slightly lengthier drive of 10½ hours and 966km, but this can easily be accomplished in a day when shared between two drivers. Both fuel and snow chain warnings apply, as listed above in self drive advice for Melbourne and Sydney. Like Sydney and Melbourne, flights are also available to the nearby airport Albury.

Falls Creek Chain Hire And Falls Creek Parking

For those of you who inhabit warmer parts of Australia, snow chains are a set of connected metal chains that fit round a tyre. Snow chains give your vehicle more grip during cold conditions where road surfaces may be compromised by snow or ice. From the start of June to the start of October, it is a legal requirement for all vehicles to carry snow chains and there are random police checks in Falls Creek. Snow chains can be rented from several locations on your way to Falls Creek, including Myrtleford and Mt Beauty.

Although you are not allowed to park for extended periods in the village, there are designated car parks with a shuttle service for those entering the Falls Creek site. All tickets to enter Falls Creek typically include the parking fee, just make sure you display this on entry. You can buy a ticket as you enter the Falls Creek area at a roadside number of kiosks or opt for a prepaid ticket before you arrive.

Bus To Falls Creek

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For a more cost effective option, Falls Creek coaches can pick you up from most major city locations including Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. If you plan to catch the train or fly, local networks can also take you the last stretch of the journey. There’s an Albury to Falls Creek transfer coach that does a return trip once a day to the airport and back.

Many campervan visitors choose to stay in nearby towns and use a short bus ride to visit the site. For example, a bus service from Bright to Falls Creek takes around an hour and offers a handy day trip option for campers who fancy a day on the slopes. Mt Beauty to Falls Creek is also a popular route. There are several park and ride providers who will let you drop your car off before the 40 minute bus with spectacular views up to Falls Creek. Unfortunately some late sleepers have been known to miss their ride, so just make sure you check the Mt Beauty to Falls Creek timetable before you go!